We’re different

“Not only the end matters, the means matter too”
Sustainability and development: At BONISOFT we believe that economic development and respect for the environment and our planet can be combined because we love nature and wish to leave a world which is the same or even better to the people and inhabitants that will come after us, for our children and ourselves.
– We have suppliers and collaborators in Rincón de la Victoria, Malaga, other parts of Andalusia and Spain and thus boost the local and Spanish economy, in addition to polluting less.
– We used up less than 500 sheets of paper in our first year.
– We have recycled 100% of our hard-copy correspondence by scanning any documents that weren’t already digitised.
– We avoid unnecessary trips, thus saving on fuel and emitting less CO2.
– We only turn on our computers when we are working. When we are not, we suspend them or turn them off to save on energy and pollute less.

– Earn money. Maximise profits without having to sacrifice jobs in Spain.
Meet the staff’s needs: salary, stability, time for their families, quality of life.
Create jobs in Spain, which is highly important. Meet social needs.