Social Media Marketing

Social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses, offering you an opportunity to listen to and directly engage with your customers. Many brands have boosted investment in their social media marketing activity, but our team at BONISOFT can ensure that your strategy achieves two aims –greater engagement and new conversions.

Whether complimenting or complaining, your customers are already talking to each other and to your competition. Social media offers valuable insights into your customers’ views, opinions and how they make purchases online.

We can you help you tailor a social media strategy that fits your needs, as well as providing you with specialist tools to ensure you never miss a conversation.

Introduction to Social Media

Setting up a Facebook Page, Twitter profile or a YouTube channel is not always the best place to start. We recommend an initial research exercise to help discover what social media channel is right for you. We will help you understand the different social networks and platforms and explore how your customers already use them, in order to help you decide what social networks are right for you and your customers.

Listening and Engaging

The next step is to find out what your customers are talking about. We simply call this ‘listening’.
This process involves researching within the various social networks to discover what people are saying about your product, your industry and your service.

We start by taking the most important phrases and topics in your business sector – we then build a report to help you discover what your customers are saying, and work with you to analyse this information.

The next step is to start to ‘engage’ with your audience. We will help you explore the right way to respond through social media channels, whether you are resolving a complaint or thanking your customer for a compliment.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all offer advertising opportunities. Here at BONISOFT we can talk you through the options available across these platforms, and discuss whether a location-based geo-targeting strategy or a demographic selection approach might suit your business.

On-going Support

It can be a daunting task to follow every conversation and engage appropriately through social media. By using sophisticated online tools we can show you how this can be done effectively and easily, saving you valuable time.

Whether you would like a complete social media setup and strategy, or would just like to discover how social media advertising can work for you – call us today. We would love to talk it through with you.