Improving Website Conversion Rates

We have a team of digital marketing consultants and website designers who are experts in reviewing and analysing website performance. We can provide clients with a detailed analysis of the small but critical changes that will improve conversion rates.

The term ‘conversion rate’ refers to the number of visitors to your website that ‘convert’ (carry out the desired action) – and this can be easily calculated from site statistics showing traffic from all sources.
If your website is getting high traffic levels but not bringing in corresponding levels of sales or enquiries, we can advise you on what steps you can take to improve the situation.

The changes in website design aimed at improving conversion rates are usually small, but in many cases they are critical. Our knowledge combined with our tracking software can show you where these changes need to be made – a process often referred to as ‘conversion rate optimisation’.

Making it Relevant

A proportion of visitors to your website will click through from a search engine, advert, referring website or campaign. Whichever method they use, their expectations will be set before entering your website, and therefore it is imperative that the right impression is given when they arrive. This is achieved by ensuring that the images and text they see on your web are relevant to the company and its market, for example, by highlighting keywords and phrases on the landing page.

Should the customer come through to the relevant page and find that their expectation isn’t met, either because of the design or the features on display, your bounce rate will be higher. Our team will offer specific advice on how to reduce your website bounce rate and increase the user’s desire to ‘convert’ once they are on the landing page.

Measuring Conversion Rates

Our advanced tracking and reporting software allows for a better understanding of the process the customer follows, uncovering areas for improvement and increasing the website conversion rate.
We can generate heat maps showing mouse movements and clicks, as well as recording users to find out if they are having difficulty in any area. Quite simply, by making adjustments in response to these findings we can increase your website conversion rate.

On entering your website, a visitor must immediately be able to pick out the key features and benefits gained from using your site above others, and must quickly locate the product or service they have come to you to find.

Refining Your Content and Images

Removing distractions when visiting the website (whether these are images or unnecessary information) will also help increase website conversions, and we can offer advice on elements of your website that may be perceived as a distraction by users.

Promoting discounts and special offers can attract customers visiting the site for the first time, and may be a key factor in securing their return after a positive experience. However strategic placement is fundamental, as these offers are wasted if promoted only during the checkout process.

Equally, offering the customer a number to enable them to make a free call is an important gesture – so that if they want to make contact, they don’t have to worry about the cost. Making sure this features clearly on the website helps to provide assurance, and we can advise you on steps like this that will help make your website more credible.

Security and Trust Boost Conversion Rates

The security features of a website are also paramount to building trust and increasing website conversion rates. As well as displaying standard security emblems, we can advise you on the subtle use of language that builds feelings of safety and security whenever customers are required to enter personal details.

However, trust can also be established through the correct presentation of testimonials, awards or associations. Generating trust will go a long way to encouraging customers to make an initial purchase or enquiry, and it also improves the chance of retaining the customer so they come back for further visits.

For some clients, we also request feedback from visitors, in order to determine whether there are any issues with the site’s usability that can be easily modified, or even to identify areas where the information is confusing.

Additionally, we also collect information from customers who are happy with the service, and we can help build the brand further by directing these customers to social media pages.

In summary, there are numerous ways in which we can help you get more from your website and increase your website conversion rate. Talk to one of our digital marketing consultants today about how we can get started on your website!