Email Marketing

Our email marketing platform at BONISOFT is both cost effective and easy to use. The system allows you to create e-newsletter campaigns easily via a CMS editor, test your campaigns using an A/B split method, and also track response rates using an intuitive analytics process which includes an email overlay facility, with graphic and reporting features.

  • It is simple to create your campaign using these four easy steps:
  • Add your subject line
  • Select your template and enter your content
  • Add your recipients
  • Launch the campaign

Key Features of the Platform

The platform is very intuitive to use and no previous experience of creating email marketing campaigns is required. Our team at BONISOFT will provide full training, or if you prefer we can discuss full campaign creation and management options. Some of the key features are detailed below:


The reporting offered by the platform is very comprehensive. After you have sent the campaign you will have access to reports that include:

  • Unique Opens – who opened and read your campaign
  • Clicks – who clicked through to your website and what they clicked on once there
  • Bounces – the emails that did not get delivered
  • Unsubscribes – the recipients who unsubscribed from your email


Content Editor

The content editor allows you to create engaging campaigns in minutes. Choose from a range of newsletter templates and arrange your designs using a simple drag-and-drop process to create your preferred layout.
Features include:

  • Social media integration
  • Customisable newsletter templates
  • Effortlessly update text and images
  • Extensive range of formatting options
  • HTML source access

Social Media Links

If your email campaign includes a great offer, your recipients might like to share it with their friends. One of the easiest and most frequently used methods to share information like this is via social networks (Twitter and Facebook). Our bespoke templates can include graphic links for sharing your email via Twitter or Facebook. The platform then automatically tracks the number of people who have clicked on these links and creates a customized report.

Finally, your campaign can also be tracked through Google Analytics, allowing you to follow your customer’s progress and conversion rate once they arrive on your website, triggered by your email marketing tactics.

Contact us today to speak to our email marketing specialists– we’ll soon have you engaging with your customers and making an impact through email marketing.