Content Marketing

Content marketing is the hottest new trend to sweep through the marketing strategies of businesses and organisations. What exactly is it and how should you be using it within your communications activity?
You’ve Got Great Content, So Share it.
Your business is constantly involved in creating great news stories. From the really big stories, like winning awards or the success of a client due to your endeavours, to smaller ones, like a member of staff raising money for charity…They all have value. So who are you sharing your news with?
Content marketing, as defined by the Content Marketing Institute is: ‘… a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.’
Too often a business will hire a PR firm to spread their news. They’ll persuade you of the merits of placing articles in local newspapers and trade magazines praising your virtues. However, like the newspapers themselves, the PR industry is struggling to adapt to the new world of digital, social media, email and the phenomenal decline in print media and circulations. So what more could you do?

The Search Benefits

Producing great content with a wide distribution involves more than being picked up by traditional media, who are often unwilling to provide many outbound links, but rather by a whole host of other media hungry for the right kind of story. The charity you’re raising money for, the sector industry blog or the specialist forum, might all publish your article. The added value to you is great backlinks that will help your website build authority and deliver the benefits of climbing up the search rankings. Too often PR companies lack the necessary search skills and miss out on the vast benefits that wider distribution through content marketing can bring.
Our multi-award winning team of marketers here at BONISOFT can create a full content marketing strategy for your business that will ensure you engage with your audience with the right content at the right time.

As a non-intrusive marketing technique, content marketing gives your brand an opportunity to be creative, to tell a story, and ultimately to generate material that your customers and targets will find genuinely engaging, funny, useful or informative.

Truly imaginative content should engage with your audience without selling; it is all about finding an opportunity to educate your customers, solve a problem or entertain. Content Marketing can be achieved through useful additional information like event ideas, recipes or entertaining video clips, photos or mobile apps.

Perhaps an entertaining blog by your CEO would showcase your business’s quirky personality, or an infographic would allow customers to see the proportion they spend on utilities: whatever your business – there are a whole host of content marketing opportunities just waiting to be discovered!

Content Marketing covers the complete spectrum of online marketing channels, all of which we specialise in here at BONISOFT – from your website through to social media, blogging, PR and video content, we have it covered.

We have recently worked with many clients to boost their marketing strategy with new content marketing led elements. Adding a new dimension to their brand has proved hugely successful for our B2B and B2C clients across multiple sectors, and we would love to show you examples of our work.

Contact us today and let our team come up with a creative content marketing strategy which can be measured accurately – providing great content for your customers and higher engagement rates for your brand.