Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems
Whether you are looking for a large e-commerce website or a bespoke brochure website, our award-winning Website Development team uses advanced content management systems to suit all needs. Using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for your page content allows us to give you complete control over the page structure.

Our content management systems allow you to easily update your website without the need for any specialised technical knowledge, using any computer with Internet access, and without even installing any software.

You can update page content, change or upload new images, add interactive content such as video and upload documents for your visitors, as well as choosing a bespoke ‘call to action’ to drop in to individual pages. For our e-commerce web development clients, we build and develop shop management systems to take your business forward. This gives you the ability to make changes while retaining other core content management and shop administration functions.

Whilst our own core content management systems will suit many of our clients, we know that one size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why, as well as using our own powerful content management systems, we are also an open source content management agency and pride ourselves on being experts on many platforms.

Our development team are able to code your CMS in any language, whether .NET or PHP. This allows us to provide robust and flexible systems, future-proofing your website and your business.

Being fluent in any coding language allows us to work on any content management system or web development project, whether it be customising our own in-house systems or working with off-the-shelf systems, including WordPress and PrestaShop.



WordPress has been a stable platform for hosting websites and blogs for over 12 years, proving its worth as a versatile CMS. It is an open-source platform, which means that there is a community of people constantly updating it by developing themes, plugins and widgets to enable you to fully customise your website.

With WordPress reported to have 60 million people using it worldwide, part of its popularity is its ease of use. This comes in handy when our developers have finished with a website, since the client can continue to update it long after the original site has been completed.


If you seek to develop an online e-commerce business, PrestaShop is perfect. PrestaShop is another open-source e-commerce solution with plenty of features: available in 40 languages, easy to use, and with a friendly interface .