Your choice of words can persuade, inform, surprise or even inspire. Essentially, if you can communicate with people using the words on a page, you can awaken in them a reason to enquire. Great copy can turn a complete stranger into a loyal customer.

Whatever your industry sector, range of services or products, writing good copy requires as much care and attention as you would offer your customers when speaking face to face. Dull text, spelling mistakes and bad grammar can inadvertently reflect badly on your brand and your business, giving an impression of a lack of professionalism and poor attention to detail.

Content Marketing and Copywriting

Marketing strategies are now focusing much more on content marketing, and ‘storytelling’ sits at the heart of this new wave of channels and techniques that help you to engage with your customer. The creation of unique content, led by creative and engaging copywriting, gives you the opportunity to add personality to your brand.

Descriptive and inspiring copy can work incredibly well for aspirational brands. It is essential to remember that the language and tone of voice used across your communication channels is very important when trying to create desire and motivation in your customers, who will inevitably be at varying stages in the decision making process. In a world which is connected 24/7, your customers are navigating their way through more marketing messages than ever before, so this first impression needs to be a positive and lasting one.

Our copywriting team at BONISOFT can create informative, accurate text that helps your business ‘speak’ directly to your target markets. Whether you are looking for copy to communicate informative product details or would like a more creative ‘storytelling’ approach, we would love to discuss your ideas.

SEO-friendly Copywriting

Our team includes marketing copywriting experts and a former newspaper editor, so we can help you with a full range of written articles for brochures, adverts or press and PR releases. Here at BONISOFT we are also experts in ensuring your copy, when used online, is written in a way that enhances search engine optimisation (SEO). Our digital marketing experts have created SEO-friendly content for many businesses and can create copy for you which both engages and attracts visitors to your website. Find out more about Search Engine Optimisation here.

Our Approach

You can tell us what you want to say in a brief, informal interview or provide us with handwritten notes, email bullet points or existing literature as a starting point. With your guidance, we’ll take it from there. Or, if you prefer to compose your own copy but would like a sharp eye to give it a thorough proofread before it’s committed to print or web, we can lend a hand.

Whatever your copywriting needs, we’ll work with you in whichever way suits you best. Get in touch today.