Your brand is not just at the heart of your marketing strategy, it is also the foundation of your business. It is the identity that sets you apart from any competition and represents your underlying personality and values. A strong brand will be the key to building a long lasting engagement with your customers.

Our team here at BONISOFT specialises in branding and has worked with many businesses on both brand creation and brand strategy. We can work with you from the initial stages of the branding process right through to implementation and future brand extension strategies.


We always start by taking the time to discover and get to know your current brand and will carry out full research to highlight strengths and weaknesses whilst looking at brand perception. Researching your competitors will also allow us to assess the positioning of your brand, allowing us to highlight possible opportunities for differentiation and to discover those elements we could use to ensure your brand stands out above the rest.

Logo Development

If you would like to create a new logo or refresh an existing logo, our Graphic Design Team can help you out! They will work with you through the different stages, starting with a meeting covering initial ideas and concept creation, followed by the presentation of logo options, a review process and, finally, the completion of your logo and alternative versions for use across multiple platforms.

Corporate Identity & Brand Guidelines

After the creation of a new logo, or taking the lead from your existing logo, our team can create a full brand guideline document outlining correct logo usage, corporate fonts, brand values and tone of voice across all communication channels. Our award-winning design team has worked on and produced some fantastic brand identities – from football clubs to hotels and schools. Take a look at our work in the portfolio here.

Graphic Design

Any brand excels by leading with a unique design, using bespoke elements and the latest innovations in technology. Our team can roll out your brand and produce marketing materials across any number of channels. From printed materials (like brochures, leaflets, folders, prospectus or business cards) to outdoor advertising materials(exhibition stands, promotional goods and much more). Take a look at our work in the portfolio here.

To speak to one of our Marketing & Branding Consultants, contact us today. We would love to talk about some exciting new ideas to ensure your brand continues to connect with your customers consistently across every channel.