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MINE Málaga-based company of manufacturing, design and installation of doors in Malaga from 2014 trusting BONISOFT to host their websites and to improve the Málaga natural web positioning SEO with the phrase doors malaga to advance your competition.SEO malaga for mine with doors Malaga First wanted to we posicionásemos them by Malaga kitchens with its web, when they saw the good results obtained and as increased its customers and its sales to the web we did in BONISOFT, hired us a full Web Pack for the rest of their websites of and that we continue to work to improve them.





To improve your SEO Malaga, the first thing to do was to improve your website. We made them a migration from your old website based on Joomla to the new WordPress what he did to improve the usability of the web significantly, both for end users and employees in managing the content. We also perform tasks of SMO. Create it several profiles on social networks: facebook, Twitter, Google + and Google My page business.

With this keyword competition is hard, but little by little, trying to meet the standards of the W3C and follow best SEO SEO techniques, with constant work we will getting mine with is increasingly higher and closer to the positions of head of the main search engines in all Spain.



In Google already appear in the top five first page looking for doors malaga. If you click on the link you will see appearing the second or third parties on Google maps. In addition to appearing 4th on the first page of Google web results from organic search.

If you are looking for door manufacturer in Malaga in Google you will see them in 2nd on the first page.

This business has an exhibition of doors in Málaga, we got them that this exhibition can be visited via the Internet through a virtual tour by BONISOFT. That you can see on their website and Google Maps.

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As you can see below we have achieved that we continue working so that they reach the highest positions with the keyword doors malaga and others related to outperform its competition.

SEO Malaga and worldwide

In BONISOFT working with the staff of mine have achieved that:

  1. Doors Malaga is situated on the first page of the search results in the major search engines as Google, Yahoo and Bing. See for yourself by clicking on – door malaga
  2. Most potential clients of mine visit its web and contact via the web or phone with a single click. More than 800 unique users.
  3. Be less to those who leave without browsing (percentage of less than 50% rebound),
  4. The contents that we have created in BONISOFT, both texts and images are quality and are most interesting to visitors than those who had previously.

Web positioning seo malaga

In BONISOFT, we are confident in our team and that do a good job that will continue to bear fruit, as we already saw in other cases of success in SEO Malaga as the Cortijo Galván, pharmacy Málaga centro, vertical gardens for ACER gardening, kitchens Malaga for mine…


Not think that it will be for something will be if our clients in BONISOFT hire us more websites to make improve them their design and natural web positioning and also recommend us to their family and friends?

Thanks Victor, for recommending us to your brother Rafa and for continuing to rely on BONISOFT.


SEO web positioning results never or almost never are immediate, the duration of time spent in a particular position is also determined by whatever competition and of course what do users in addition to changes in the search engines.

In the majority of cases it is a long race, a marathon, you need to know to manage and work gradually from before even from the start, with good preparation and planning of business, having clear products and services, market customers, competition and prices to reach the top of the rankings with warranty and forces. That's what we're getting with this and each client's full Web Pack to contract our professional digital marketing services.

At BONISOFT we are experts in SEO and SEM, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to take your company to the top of the search engines, we are experts in the field of doors, kitchens, wood as well as many others.

We are not specialized in sectors but in natural positioning SEO and SEM advertising campaign management, although other computer and 360 ° Marketing Digital services we provide.

Would you like us to help you to overcome your competition in the search engines? We love challenges!

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