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AmedidaPC is an online shop of computer science and technology, who started his career with BONISOFT in 2013. At this time, an online shop was created in Prestashop and began to improve natural Malaga web positioning SEO with the phrase "shop online computer and technology".a-Medida - pc-logo-1424860615.jpg Also cremaos the logo online shop and we design the banner ads appearing on the website. In addition, every week a mass with the core offerings of the web is sent and mailing campaigns are carried out in promotions and highlighted items. All this work is part of the full Web Pack. We are still currently working and improving the appearance of the web and positioning so that its sales continue to increase as it has Stadium making so far.




Different factors that, in BONISOFT, we know that they are influential, as for example, the loading speed and relevant content is worked for the improvement of the posicinonamiento. Titles and descriptions have been modified so that it becomes attractive to prospect and useful to the major search engines.

We also perform tasks of SMO. We created this online store for several social networks: facebook, Twitter and Google + page

We also periodically mailing campaigns to attract more customers. We send massive with offers of the month and the promotion items. A newsletter is also designed to promote items on special occasions such as communions, day's mother, Valentine, Kings, Black Friday…



In Google now appear between the first 3 first page looking for computer science and technology online store. If you click you will see appearing on top of the first page of Google web results from organic search.

We continue to work to bring amedidapc.com to the highest positions with other relevant keywords for business and follow as well ahead of the competition.

SEO Malaga and worldwide

In BONISOFT working with AmedidaPC we managed to:

  1. Appears on the first page of major search engines with a relevant search criteria.
  2. Increase visits and therefore sales via the internet.
  3. Mailing campaigns through newsletters.




In the majority of cases the positioning is a background race, a marathon. It is not immediate, and depends on many factors such as the behavior of the users or changes in search engines. You have to know to go working little by little. Doing things well and firmly at the end results end up arriving and in BONISOFT we know what we are talking about, because there are many customers who have seen these good results reflected in general searches.

Some get it before and others somewhat later, depending on the competition having that criteria of search, but in the end end up coming.

BONISOFT is a synonym of guarantee.

Would you like us to help you to overcome your competition in the search engines? We love challenges!

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